#58 – What happened to the BNPL hype? | Dr. Rene Fischer & Philipp Bulis (Oliver Wyman) – GERMAN

Quite a lot going on in the BNPL market. On the one hand, the valuation of European BNPL super-FinTech Klara has “crashed” from $45.6 billion to $6.7 billion. But listed competitor Affirm is doing only marginally better. Is the BNPL hype over?

On the other hand, Apple is getting into BNPL, and shortly before this podcast was published, Deutsche Bank announced its entry into the BNPL market.

#56 – How do you enable token trading? | Fabian Schaum (360X) – GERMAN

Okay, the promise of soon being able to tokenize everything sounds cool – real estate, art, music, etc. – but wait a minute.

But wait: What’s the point if I can’t trade and liquidate my assets like traditional stocks, funds, etc.? This is exactly the problem we’ve noticed in previous podcast episodes (e.g. episode #50 with Theresa from Econos).
That’s why Dirk and Augustin had Fabian Schaum (CIO & Co-Founder) as a guest. Among other things, he is working with FinTech 360X to enable tradability of tokenized assets

#55 – Why deal with the Gen-Z? | Jan-Soeren Zinke (Iris Capital) – GERMAN

Welcome to the multigenerational podcast about Gen-Z with Dirk, Sebastian and Jan-Soeren Zinke (Iris Capital)!

Honestly: We sometimes don’t quite understand the clothing style of “young people” (belly-free, pastel colors) and the music taste (German Hip Hop). Not to mention TikTok…so we thought we had to shed some light on that, so we invited Jan, someone from Gen-Z, to talk about those very things.

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