#56 – How do you enable token trading? | Fabian Schaum (360X) – GERMAN

Okay, the promise of soon being able to tokenize everything sounds cool – real estate, art, music, etc. – but wait a minute.

But wait: What’s the point if I can’t trade and liquidate my assets like traditional stocks, funds, etc.? This is exactly the problem we’ve noticed in previous podcast episodes (e.g. episode #50 with Theresa from Econos).
That’s why Dirk and Augustin had Fabian Schaum (CIO & Co-Founder) as a guest. Among other things, he is working with FinTech 360X to enable tradability of tokenized assets

#55 – Why deal with the Gen-Z? | Jan-Soeren Zinke (Iris Capital) – GERMAN

Welcome to the multigenerational podcast about Gen-Z with Dirk, Sebastian and Jan-Soeren Zinke (Iris Capital)!

Honestly: We sometimes don’t quite understand the clothing style of “young people” (belly-free, pastel colors) and the music taste (German Hip Hop). Not to mention TikTok…so we thought we had to shed some light on that, so we invited Jan, someone from Gen-Z, to talk about those very things.

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