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In our event formats, we talk to experts about innovative trends and current developments, and together we try to understand their potential and impact at an early stage.

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In our podcast Talk Between the Towers, we bring together thought leaders from the finance, sustainability, startup and tech scenes. Together with our guests from the financial sector as well as from science, politics or business, we understand the innovations of the future and explain the digital possibilities of tomorrow.
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#62 - What should be considered when investing money? | Prof. Dr. Andreas Hackethal (Goethe Universität, Frankfurt) - GERMAN
Wie soll ich mein Geld anlegen? Wie habe ich im Alter genug Geld? Wie lege ich nachhaltig an? Muss ich das überhaupt? Rund um die Geldanlage gibt es viele Fragen. Gut, dass Dirk und Augustin mit Prof....
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#61 - BaaS: Is unbundling starting now? | Lars Markull ( - GERMAN
Banking-as-a-Service, or BaaS for short, is the basis for many current trends such as vertical banking or embedded finance. But we are seeing more and more movement on the BaaS market and individual providers...

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