DORA: What lies ahead for financial service providers? | Markus Priller (Deloitte)

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) is not only a word monster, but will soon become an important component for the IT security of banks. The regulation came into force on 16 January 2023, and from then on financial companies will have 24 months to implement all regulatory requirements. All with one goal: to minimise vulnerability to ICT disruptions and cyber threats. We asked ourselves what financial service providers will have to face in the coming months.

Sustainable construction financing: More appearance than reality? | Carsten Zimmermann (Bundesverband Baufinanzierung e.V.)

Sustainable construction financing is becoming more and more popular. This means that financing sustainable construction should become increasingly important. One would think so. It should be strictly and clearly regulated. One would think. But: as in so many areas related to sustainability, a lot is still in the making. Time for Dennis and Dirk to talk about this in the podcast with Carsten Zimmermann (Bundesverband Baufinanzierung e.V.).

Are we experiencing a FinTech “turn of the times”? | Christopher Schmitz (EY)

N26 and Revolut devalued, layoffs at FinTechs, insolvencies – are we currently seeing a “turn of the times” on the FinTech market? Or is everything half as bad? We at neosfer have been asking ourselves this question for quite some time. Reason enough to talk about it in the podcast, Sebastian and Dirk have therefore invited Christopher Schmitz (EY) into the virtual podcast studio.

Bancassurance: Old wine in new bottles? | Sebastian Langrehr (Friendsurance)

Allfinanz, bancassurance, bancassurance2.0 – no matter what you call it, it has been present in the financial sector for years: cooperation between banks and insurance companies. For years, bancassurance has been said to have a lot of potential, but the real breakthrough has not yet come. At least it is not perceived. Or do we see it wrong? Reason enough for Dirk and Dennis to talk to expert Sebastian Langrehr (Friendsurance).

Crypto combined with Investment-as-a-Service | Lukas Enzersdorfer-Konrad (Bitpanda Technology Solutions)

Investment-as-a-service combined with crypto – sounds like a lot of buzzwords? Maybe, but Bitpanda has been one of the biggest players in the European market for years. Now they are offering their expertise as a software-as-a-service product for established banks. Can this work? Are established financial service providers ready for this yet?
Sebastian and Dirk discuss these and many more questions in a conversation with Lukas Enzersdorfer-Konrad from Bitpanda Technology Solutions.

72 – Financial education: Why do we need to talk about it? | Julia Kruslin & Sophie Thurner (beatvest)

Well, when did you start dealing with finances? And above all, where? The survey among the host team showed: School didn’t make any of us do it. Unfortunately, far too few people in Germany deal with finances, often due to a lack of knowledge. Our current podcast guests Sophie and Julia from beatvest want to change that: More financial education for more money in old age.

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