Dennis Eberlein

Dennis Eberlein

New 16 Mio. Dollar Funding for Candis

Berlin-based startup Candis has just raised €15.9 million. The fintech innovators are also launching company credit cards to give SMEs more financial control. More information here: All news in our insights section:

#62 – What should be considered when investing money? | Prof. Dr. Andreas Hackethal (Goethe Universität, Frankfurt) – GERMAN

Wie soll ich mein Geld anlegen? Wie habe ich im Alter genug Geld? Wie lege ich nachhaltig an? Muss ich das überhaupt? Rund um die Geldanlage gibt es viele Fragen. Gut, dass Dirk und Augustin mit Prof. Dr. Andreas Hackethal (Goethe Universität, Frankfurt) einen wahren Experten zu Gast hatten, der ihnen Rede und Antwort stand.

#61 – BaaS: Is unbundling starting now? | Lars Markull ( – GERMAN

Banking-as-a-Service, or BaaS for short, is the basis for many current trends such as vertical banking or embedded finance. But we are seeing more and more movement on the BaaS market and individual providers focusing on individual segments (e.g., Upvest, and offering their services there.

Is this just a phase or the beginning of a larger trend, i.e. BaaS unbundling? That’s exactly what we wanted to know, so we invited Lars Markull ( into the virtual podcast studio. Due to vacation and illness situation today with guest host Dennis.

Gini Pay integrates photo transfer in Commerzbank banking app

Gini Pay integrates photo transfer in Commerzbank banking app Commerzbank is now integrating the AI feature Photo Transfer from Gini, leading company for data extraction from documents. Commerzbank customers using the institution’s banking app will benefit from a time-saving and accurate money transfer solution. The feature is available immediately in the Commerzbank banking app. Everything …

Gini Pay integrates photo transfer in Commerzbank banking app Read More »

#59 – Zebras and Unicorns – What is Impact Investing? | Ingo Dahm (capacura) – GERMAN

ESG investing, impact investing, sustainable investing – it all sounds good, but what is actually what? What are the differences? All very confusing. But not only that.

Sometimes funds/ETFs boast of being sustainable, but really aren’t. Problems with the current classification of ESG are certainly one reason for this.

We want to shed some light on this. That’s why Sebastian and Dirk brought an expert in impact investing into the virtual podcast studio.

With Dr. Ingo Dahm from capacura, they discuss, among other things, zebras and unicorns.

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